Excerpt from the Frederick News-Post:

Like bookends behind the City Hall dais, two new faces joined members of the Frederick Historic Preservation Commission as they delved through heavy agendas during the past two meetings.

The new members — Jessica Underwood and Stacey Streett — filled two vacancies that appeared on the board several months ago.

Matt Davis, the city’s division manager of comprehensive planning, emailed information about each of the new members, who wrapped up their second meeting Thursday.

Underwood, a full member, is a resident of the historic district and works as a real estate attorney, residential broker and residential builder.

Streett, the commission’s new alternate member, is a city resident and has a background in archaeology. She also recently served on the HPC Preservation Awards Committee.

The appointment of Streett also bumped alternate Commissioner Matt Bonin up to full member status.

Former Commissioner Michael Simons rolled off the board at the end of his last term on April 20, leaving one vacancy. In May, former Chairman Scott Winnette announced his resignation due to moving out of the city.

That left the two vacancies, which officials filled after an application and interview process that spanned several months.