The Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Commission is pleased to announce that on July 24, 2013, the Prince George’s County Council passed legislation to amend the County Code related to the percentage of improvement costs eligible for property tax credits from 10% to 25% for work completed after June 1, 2013. Eligible work includes repairs, restoration, or preservation of exterior features of designated structures. This action was authorized by the legislation enacted by the State of Maryland earlier this year.

The increase in the Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Tax Credit applies to property owners within the county who own individually-designated historic properties or who own contributing resources located in locally designated historic districts. Applications are reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission for eligibility, and then forwarded to the Prince George’s County Office of Finance/Treasury Division for final approval.

In 2013, the HPC certified a variety of applications. Examples of the projects certified eligible include: repairing gutters, chimneys and masonry, repainting of siding/trim, porch restoration, restoration of windows, and compatible new construction.

All eligible property owners are encouraged to take advantage of the increased tax credit amount by submitting a Historic Area Work Permit, completing eligible projects, and then applying for the Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Tax Credit at the time the eligible work is completed. For more information, contact Daniel Sams at 301-952-3680 or e-mail at