Excerpt from the Capital Gazette:

n Nov. 28, 2016, the Annapolis City Council passed legislation, initiated by the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission, that designated the Community Health Center at Parole as an Annapolis Local Historic Landmark — the first historic landmark outside of the Annapolis Historic District. On June 17, this designation was formally celebrated at a ceremony at the center.

Various members of the community were responsible for and contributed their time, talents and treasures to this historic designation. Many members of the community attended the ceremony, including Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides, state Sen. John Astle, Alderwoman Rhonda Pindell Charles and Alderman Fred Paone, former Alderwoman Classie G. Hoyle, and acting Anne Arundel County Health Officer Frances Phillips.

The keynote speaker was Robert G. Stanton, former director of the U.S. National Park Service. This landmark structure was determined to be of “exceptional historic and cultural significance.” It was dedicated to the founders and citizens of Parole who maintain the belief that: “Every child has the right to be born a healthy child.”

The Parole community began providing health services to its African-American residents beginning in 1936. The health center was built and dedicated in 1949, and the building was later renovated and expanded where a dedication ceremony was held in 2002. Over 90 percent of the patients served at the health center today are members of the Latino community. The health center’s president is Alice K. Wright, and the board of directors chairman is Lawrence L. Harris Jr.