Library of Resources

MAHDC has compiled a number of useful materials in our library, including:

A Self-Assessment Guide for Local Preservation Commissions: a National Trust for Historic Preservation publication by Katherine Adams that offers guidance for commissions undertaking self-assessment process to measure effectiveness and help plan for the future. Includes a CD. The resource is available upon request to members.

Renovator’s Roundtable: a detailed education program for historic district commissions and owners of historic properties. Session topics include technical information on historic roofs, windows, masonry and wood; routine maintenance; analysis of historic design and setting; and the historic district commission review process. Each of these eight presentations are available in slide format and can be obtained for presentation by local preservation groups. The resource is available upon request to members.

Alliance Review: past issues of the National Alliance of Preservation Commission’s bi-monthly newsletter that provides engaging articles on a variety of topics related to historic preservation commissions. The resource is available upon request to members.

Resources available for download include: